Thursday, March 19, 2015

About Farooq Arjomand

Holding a bachelor’s degree in business management from Seattle Pacific University, Farooq Arjomand has led a highly successful career. He started out at HSBC as a banker and gradually worked his way up to senior manager of in Dubai. During the more than 15 years he spent at the company, he gained experience in customer services, corporate finance, and investment banking. Also a founding member of Emaar Properties and Amlak Finance, Farooq Arjomand continues to serve as the vice chairman and director of the Amlak Finance executive committee.

After more than a decade and a half in the banking industry, Farooq Arjomand began considering opening and running his own business. Given his family’s background in textile trading, he founded a trading enterprise called the Arjomand Group. Still serving as the founding chairman and CEO of the company, Mr. Arjomand manages the group’s operation of more than 15 companies in a variety of sectors, from hospitality to corporate services. Under his leadership, the group grew from a small company in Dubai to one that maintains offices in Europe, the Far East, USA, and Arab nations.

In his free time, Farooq Arjomand enjoys a variety of hobbies. Having traveled around the world, he enjoys Thai and Chinese cuisine. Also a fan of sports, he has a background in teaching kickboxing and still enjoys the activity. He also is fond of soccer and martial arts.